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What Doesn’t Kill You – Makes for a Great Revenge Story

Constance/ June 19, 2018/ Writing/ 1 comments

You may have noticed a slowdown in Life on the Periphery posts. Partly because it’s summer, and partly because I’ve been writing. Not poetry this time, but a new fantasy novel. Newer than my other new one. I got an idea and it just grew and grew until I had to start writing it down. I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks, writing in great bursts. Much of the writing is getting to know my

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It’s Drafty in Here

Constance/ May 1, 2018/ National Poetry Month, Writing

And so National Poetry Month winds to a close. How did your month go? Did you accomplish all you wished? I have an awful lot of poem starts, one to four lines of the beginning of a poem. I found I work quite effectively this way, getting the idea down then coming back at a calmer time to flesh it out. I used to believe you had to write an entire draft of a poem in one

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When I Want Your Advice I’ll Research It

Constance/ February 11, 2018/ Writing

A drawback to being a writer is having way too many how-to writing books. As if the books could impart a template that would enable you to sail forth and write prodigiously. The smarter books call themselves simply, ‘Guides”. The ones I give side eye to are the ones that proclaim they are, “The Ultimate Guide”. I’m not sure anything is the ultimate guide to writing. Part of the problem is people are different. How many times

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