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Fun with Drying Dishes (No, Really)

Constance/ June 3, 2018/ Weaving

Finished 15 x 20 inch (38 x 51 cm) dish towels So. I finished my Space Shawl and a very lacy scarf, and was looking for something different to do. I found a dish towel pattern in one of my weaving books, and off I went. I’d never worked with cotton yarn before, so before I ordered a big shipment from my favorite weaving store, I bought some good old Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. You can

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Prior Planning Prevents Messy Results

Constance/ April 19, 2018/ Weaving

I haven’t done any weaving in a while, in months, really. When I got out my loom there was an unfinished project on it. I settled in to polish it off, not remembering much about the yarn except it was yak, and very thin. Several warp string breaks later I swore to never try THAT again. I managed to finish the project with much grumbling and get it off the loom. As I got ready to warp

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