Constance Brewer

Constance Brewer is a writer, poet and artist who concentrates on writing fantasy, science fiction, the occasional historical fiction and free verse poetry. She was born and raised in upstate New York where she spent many years gathering educational degrees. While teetering on the brink of permanent studenthood, Constance received this message in the bottom of a cup of Ramen noodles. “Get a real job”. She joined the military and served in the US Army Corps of Engineers, alternately building and blowing up things for her country. Now a retired Captain, she has an aversion to camouflage, but still likes the color brown. Constance has practiced karate, applying the knowledge gained in martial arts and the military to help her understand the process of acquiring broken bones, so she can correctly injure her fictional characters. She finally settled in Wyoming amid the extraterrestrial-enticing wide-open spaces, where she lives with a small, but vocal herd of Welsh Corgis.

Synopsis – Writer of poetry, sticky notes, & fiction. Itinerant purveyor of printmaking & design. Knitter-Spinner-Weaver. History-Military-Mythologic geek. Peripheral resident of a population deficient, surreal state. Gnome Wrangler. Keeper of the Corgis.


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