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Constance Brewer is a poet, writer, and artist. She was born and raised in upstate New York, and after excursions to other countries, settled in the population deficient state of Wyoming where she works on not so secret government projects. Constance obtained several degrees from Buffalo State College, and the State University of New York at Buffalo including a BFA in Photography, a BA in Philosophy and an MFA in Fine Arts. She also attended Capella University and worked on a PhD in Adult Education, and spent time at Canisius College in Buffalo NY in ROTC. All that education allowed her to practice her writing on reams of topic papers, essays, and dissertation material.

While teetering on the brink of permanent studenthood, Constance received this message in a cup of Ramen noodles. “Get a real job“. So she joined the military and served in the US Army Corps of Engineers in the U.S. and Central America, alternately building and blowing things up for her country. (To date none of her structures have collapsed – voluntarily.) She left the military a Captain, and keeps camouflaged models of earthmoving equipment on her rather cluttered desk.

Constance started crafting poetry and novels in college, then took a break to dedicate her talent to writing Army fitness reports. Even in the field she managed to writing epic ballads about troop movements for her coworker’s amusement. Raised by educated wolves, Constance developed an early love for history and mythology that is often reflected in her writing and art. The daughter of an aerospace engineer, Constance has long been fascinated by flight and space, and continues the family tradition of taking vacations to faraway places – and promptly visiting the nearest airport to watch planes take off.

Constance frequents Wyoming Writers, Inc., a statewide organization of Wyoming authors, WyoPoets, a statewide poetry organization, and Bearlodge Writers, a writing group in Sundance, Wyoming. Constance is co-owner and co-editor of the quarterly poetry journal Gyroscope Review, a magazine dedicated to publishing fine, contemporary poetry.


* Writing (of course) *Corgis *knitting & weaving for the coming Zombie apocalypse *drawing *printmaking *collecting art supplies but seldom using them
*driving aimlessly around the state of Wyoming *stacking books in precarious formations
*reorganizing iTunes playlists *running with safety scissors
*creating weird fermented food and drink *posting sticky notes in random places




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