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Miracle Grows

Constance/ May 15, 2018/ Essay, Uncategorized

I am an accidental gardener. I don’t really make plans, I just go with the flow. A few years ago when I tried doing a square foot garden, it made me uncomfortable. I was happy when the plants ran wild and didn’t stay in their allotted space. Except the tomatoes, they were very orderly. No one budged outside their square. Of course they were scrawny and puny, so that helped. The hazards of growing tomatoes in Wyoming.

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It’s Drafty in Here

Constance/ May 1, 2018/ National Poetry Month, Writing

And so National Poetry Month winds to a close. How did your month go? Did you accomplish all you wished? I have an awful lot of poem starts, one to four lines of the beginning of a poem. I found I work quite effectively this way, getting the idea down then coming back at a calmer time to flesh it out. I used to believe you had to write an entire draft of a poem in one

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