Constance/ January 1, 2018/ New and Improved

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A new year and new site

Hi, welcome to the new and hopefully improved home site of Constance Brewer, Poet and Writer.

I tried to give guests an overall feel for my writing without going into excruciating detail. Some poetry, some fiction (mainly short stories). There is also a page on my nonfiction work, mostly editing, but also a list of essays I’ve written over the years on writing, posted on my blog Life on the Periphery  or on the poetry journal I co-edit, Gyroscope Review.  I even threw in a few papers I wrote back in my more philosophical days, which may not interest much of anyone, but I find my overly serious college writing amusing.

I will endeavor to put up more writing, because that is the main reason people come to a writer’s website, isn’t it? Get a feel for the writing before plunking down hard earned cash to buy a book? As soon as I have a book, I’ll look for the plunking. Meanwhile my writing is in an assortment of journals and anthologies. Support these fine publications, they crave the love.

Read my About page where you’ll learn more about, Me. Mainly that I don’t take myself too seriously. If there is some tiny detail about my life you’re dying to know, by all means drop me a line. My life is an open book, except for those parts I keep locked away in a deep, dark hole accessible only by spelunking. Want to talk about editing poetry? Your latest rejection? Collaboration? Corgis? I’m here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Constance Brewer